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Serving Cape Cod and the Greater Boston Area
“Having a purpose is the difference between making a living and making a life.”
Tom Thiss
Planning with a purpose

Finding Your “Why”

Our first step in helping you achieve your version of financial success is to develop a comprehensive picture of what truly guides your decision making. To do so, we take time to get to know you and understand the “why” behind your financial wants and needs. We also gain an understanding of your current financial situation and any challenges that may stand in your way.

Our Services

Cash-flow Planning

A comprehensive approach to coordinating and protecting your current and future cash flows.

Tax Planning

Tax savings strategies to help lower your liabilities and optimize your outcomes. This is one of the most important aspects of wealth management, which is why we incorporate tax planning into every financial strategy we employ on your behalf.

Investment Management

Custom portfolio management designed to balance your specific growth and income needs.

Asset & Income Protection

Risk management strategies to help ensure your income and assets are properly protected.

Estate Planning

Sound estate planning strategies to provide a lasting legacy for the people and causes that matter most to you.

Small Business Planning

Holistic approach to help balance your personal and business finances and ensure they are working together in pursuit of your goals.

Investment Property Analysis

A proprietary approach to helping you fund, invest, manage and optimize your rental and investment properties, whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or are hoping to further diversify your portfolio and cash flow.

Our Strategies

Purpose-Driven Strategies to Meet Your Needs

We believe your financial life is about more than building wealth – it’s about living life with purpose. That’s why we take time to understand the “why” behind your financial goals before developing personalized solutions to help you live life on your terms. We offer a wide range of wealth-building strategies that are always:






Get Started

Contact us to schedule a 15-minute no-obligation consultation. We look forward to getting to know you.

At Pier 42 Advisors, we strive to bring financial clarity to clients with complex needs. Our consultative approach to wealth planning allows us to build long-term relationships based on trust. Each decision and strategy we implement is designed to move our clients closer to achieving their life’s purpose. It all comes down to one simple task – finding your “Why.” We can help.